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iPubco specializes in and is a leading provider of online real-time credit card processing. We are a premier gateway and integrator of secure merchant transactions. We provide real-time secure credit card processing to hundreds of web-based businesses. iPubco offers the competitive advantage for merchants who want to join the billion dollar e-commerce industry.

Why do you need secure real-time transaction processing?
Secure Server Software. SSL technology encrypts all of the personal information provided by your customers.

Most consumers know to look for the closed lock at the bottom of the browser, the blue line across the bottom of the address bar or the letter 's' after the "http" in the address bar. They know that submitting credit card and personal information via email is not secure. If they know a website is not secure, they won't use it ... ever.

Give your customers a reason to buy from you online. Give consumers the options they desire by providing them with the choice to order with any credit card. If you don't, someone else will.


1. Real-time processing.
Our secure merchant transactions provide the best method for authorizing, verifying, and processing credit card transactions over the Internet. Real-time processing saves you time, lets you know instantly who ordered, what they ordered and how much they ordered.

We have interface documentation and tools for all platforms.

2. Payment Process Reporting/Authorization.
When a transaction is completed, both the order and the authorization number is emailed to you immediately. The credit card information is safely stored in our archives.

Partner Program and Resellers

Extend your customer service and increase profitability by offering secure online transactions for e-commerce businesses. iPubco's secure credit card processing capabilities allows you to provide your customers a value-added service.

Financial institutions, Merchant Service Providers and, Independent Sales Organizations: If you need a Merchant Account, we provide an efficient turn-key process to obtain one easily and quickly. Please contact us so we may provide you with individualized customer service.

We develop custom products to meet the specific needs of your clients. To learn more about products we can create exclusively for your customers, Please contact us via phone or email.

Merchant Accounts
1. We accept all major credit cards including: Visa, Master Card, American Express, Discovery.

2. For specific information regarding Fees and Charges, please contact us directly.

Phone: 972-690-7600

Email: tonyr@ipubco.com

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